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Furnishing with furniture by themes

Get a brief overview of the different furnishing segments for the food service industry, bars and hotels, in order to find the perfect furniture for your premises.

Restaurant furniture – robust, functional and customised for a perfect feast for the eyes

Restaurant furniture ensures that the pleasant atmosphere is emphasised and every chair, stool, arm chair or table provides a little accent in the room. After all, a guest should feel at home in your restaurant. Create a harmonious overall image with well-selected materials and fabrics. Restaurant furniture must bring a lot of properties with it. Unlike conventional furniture for private use, restaurant furniture must be particularly robust and hard-wearing. This is tested by GO IN with the help of intensive quality tests. The design is also important. We offer you a large select of different furniture arrangements. The special thing about it is that the customer itself can put together the individual furniture elements. This means that the design can be perfectly tailored to your interior design style and the chosen theme for your restaurant. To be able to use the space effectively, whilst still spreading a cosy ambience, bench systems are a popular furnishing option. We make it possible for you to plan your benches easily with our innovative bench system configurator. Discover the variety of possibilities for creating furniture precisely according to your taste and your ideas.

Hotel furniture – the perfect home for globetrotters and business travellers

A hotel should feel like a home. With the practical online configurator, design hotel furniture which fits into your style. The comfort factor is, of course, important here! We offer you comfortable sofa and arm chair designs which invite people to relax and radiate a pleasant atmosphere. They are perfect for a small lounge area, where the guests will arrive after a stressful journey. A particularly high amount of attention to detail should also be felt in the hotel rooms. Make your guests’ stay unforgettable by skilfully integrating custom-designed furniture into the room in question. A small seating area, for example, invites them to take a cosy break. With just a few clicks, you can design a comfortable chair with either a fabric, leather or imitation leather cover and create a matching coffee table which will create a harmonious overall image as a place for putting magazines, snacks or drinks. A hotel bar is often a welcome option for ending the day in comfort with a little nightcap or a glass of wine. They fortunately don’t have far to go to bed, so the guests are happy to stay longer at the bar. So that the seating areas also invite them to linger, GO IN provides a pleasant surface in the form of comfortable bar stools. Give your hotel that certain something with self-designed furniture and give your guests the sense of a little bit of home.

Lounge furniture – relaxed planning with the 3D room planner

Casual beats, cool drinks, dim light – a lounge provides a very special ambience. Bring your guests out of their stressful everyday lives for a moment and spread a relaxing charm with your cosy lounge furniture. At GO IN, you will find exclusive furniture which is made for relaxing and comfort. From space-saving stools, sofas and arm chairs to seating areas – allow your creativity free rein and create a lounge area which corresponds precisely to your ideas. With the help of the practical 3D room planner, you can make your ideas into a professional design and thus get an accurate image of the many configuration and design options. Simply upload the floor plan of your property or enter the precise dimensions of the room into the planner. This allows you to see the actual proportions and enables you to refrain from inaccurate estimates. A detailed cost overview will help you not to exceed the budget. If you decide in favour of one of your designs, you can place the required quantity of lounge furniture directly in the cart with just one mouse click and place an order. Enjoy a smooth processing of your order – we will be happy to help you with our variety of services.

Café furniture for the outdoor area – here comes the sun

To allow your guests to simply enjoy a coffee in peace and to spend a nice time with friends in a cosy atmosphere, you need the right furniture. Simply design your own café furniture and create a harmonious ambience which will slow you down and allow you a little time for yourself. Decide for yourself how you would like to set up your café. Is it to be table and chair combinations which are easy to move, thus achieving a particularly high level of flexibility? Out into the sun! Set up the outdoor area of your café to be friendly and cosy and attract guests when the first rays of sunshine appear. Discover the varied range of lounge furniture which is perfectly suited for use outdoors. Equip your arm chairs or sofas for outdoor use with a look which matches your café. You have a choice between a large number of different materials, such as wood or imitation rattan wickerwork.

A comfortable seat covering in your chosen colour makes the look complete. A slightly more airy version is, for example, stylish plastic chairs which become a designer piece themselves with their trendy look. Exciting patterns and shapes combine with a comfortable sitting experience – just right for a café with an extra portion of style. At GO IN, you will find the right café furniture for any style!

Canteen furniture – functionality alone is not enough!

Leave the prejudices of stuffy rooms and bad food behind you! With light and trendy canteen furniture, you will bring a breath a fresh air into your premises! We will help you to create harmonious table and chair combinations, which can be designed quickly with the online configurator. Make your canteen or cafeteria eye-catching and create a friendly and open atmosphere which invites guests to linger in no time at all. If you are looking for comfortable chairs and stylish tables, be inspired by our 1 million options and visit our showrooms, for example! You can find these in Paris, Landsberg am Lech and Vienna. It is not only the design and the materials which have to impress; the quality and the functionality are also in the foreground for canteen furniture. Furniture for the canteen and restaurant sector is exposed to a lot of strain every day. To guarantee a long life, we regularly give the items of furniture a thorough examination. Sometimes, up to 150,000 cycles per chair are necessary to reconstruct many years of use in 10 days. 

Waiting room furniture – when waiting becomes a short break

The wait is over! Make waiting into a relaxing little break with stylish waiting room furniture. After all, anyone can be hectic! As soon as your guests take their seats on the designer furniture which you have designed yourself, the uncomfortable and incredibly long waiting times of the past are quickly forgotten. Set up your waiting room according to the interests of your customers and patients. For example, little seating solutions which make the guests welcome are suitable for the reception areas. Comfortable arm chairs with chic coffee tables make them immediately think of their living room at home and create a relaxed atmosphere. Why be uncomfortable, when comfortable is also possible? Put your patients and guests into a relaxed and good mood with cosy seating. With shell chairs from our product range, you will create a pleasant seating experience and can address your individual requirements in terms of the shape, the colour and the material. You can optionally also equip the shell chairs with a cushion for the seats and the back rests. As well as the chairs, the little side tables are perfect for the provision of newspapers and small drinks. Thus, you can make a comfortable and relaxed waiting time possible which some people might not even mind experiencing for longer... 

Conference furniture – chairs with system

Last but not least, we provide you with conference furniture which no longer causes people to keep looking at the clock. In just a few steps, you can conjure up high-quality and trendy conference seating for your premises. Whether it is for congresses, company presentations, larger meetings or conferences, you can find and design your chairs, sofas, stools, bar tables and much more at GO IN. Take advantage of our professional planning aids and design a modern and inviting conference room. The first impression counts! You can be certain that all the chairs are arranged neatly in rows, leaving a good impression. So that the set-up does not take up too much time, the practical connecting elements allow you to arrange chairs with a skid frame in a straight line. All the seminar and conference chairs can be stacked and transported by a practical chair trolley. Make it easy for yourself and be flexible when the number of participants is changed at short notice. The different tables offered by GO IN also make it clear that this is “furniture by pros for pros”. Discover the variety of options and combinations of different materials and design your conference furniture.

Whatever you want, whatever you need – GO IN has it!

The GO IN product range is diverse and offers the perfect furniture for every restaurateur. Regardless of whether you prefer classic furniture for your premises or would like to liven up the French charm of a traditional bistro – with our online configurator and room planners, we will help you to achieve customised designs which are tailored precisely to your requirements. We would like you to make your wishes become reality and to effortlessly be able to design your new food service establishment or redesign your restaurant. We will be happy to advice you and will also help you with the selection of the furniture for your establishment over the telephone.