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Before a piece of furniture is included in our product range, it must be put to the test and undergo up to 150,000 cycles. Only after successfully passing the stress test (in accordance with DIN EN 16139 for chairs and DIN EN 15372 for tables) does it receive our seal of GO IN tested quality. Please ask us for a written test certificate.
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For almost 50 years, the heart of this family-run traditional company has been beating for furniture systems in the catering and hotel industry.
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indoor use

armchair Jolka

indoor use

armchair Jolka

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Frame material
Frame colour
Oak stained and varnished
Seating material
imitation leather Parotega
Seating colour
light taupe
Immediately available - only a few available
2% discount for payment in advance
If you pay in advance, you are entitled to deduct 2% from the invoice amount.
goin-raumplaner-Kopie 1 Pieces per package / 2 pieces minimum order quantity
Article description
Jolka is a stable and comfortable armchair. The ergonomically shaped backrest, which also gives the armchair visual character, and the wide seat, which is rounded at the front, provide stability when sitting. One feels well taken care of, comfortable and safe and has a lot of free space when sitting. All in all, it makes sitting comfortable, so that you can either relax well or exchange pleasantly with other fellow residents. When getting up, you can lean on the rounded armrests with confidence. The armchair is available in oak and walnut stained and lacquered. There is a choice of beautiful colours and patterns for the cover. All Health & Care imitation leathers offered are qualified for use in the care sector.
Product details & data sheet
Product Code: 101JW2
Model name: Jolka
Product type: armchair
Frame material: beech
Frame colour: Oak stained and varnished
Seating material: imitation leather Parotega
Seating colour: light taupe
Floor glider: plastic gliders included
Assembly state: completely assembled
Cover fire-resistant: yes
Upholstery: DIN 4102 - B1: yes
Upholstery: DIN 4102 - B2: yes
Upholstery: DIN EN 1021 - 1: yes
Upholstery: DIN EN 1021 - 2: yes
Upholstery: BS 5852 - ISO: yes
Upholstery: BS 5852 - IS1: yes
Upholstery: BS 5852 - IS5 (Crib5): yes
Upholstery: NF D 60 013 AM18: yes
Upholstery: NF P 92 503-507 - 503 M1: yes
blood and urine resistant: yes
Data sheet
Technical data
Product Code: 101JW2
Model name: Jolka
Product type: armchair
Application area: indoors
Not suitable for: mountain-,maritime-,desert-climate,swimming-pools
Height: 113 cm
Seat height: 47.5 cm
Width: 60 cm
Seat width: 51 cm
Depth: 70.5 cm
Seat depth: 49 cm
Armrest height: 68 cm
Weight: 13.7 kg


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