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Outdoor furniture by category – off outside!

What could be better than enjoying your coffee in the warm sunshine in the open air? Therefore, comfortable and exclusive outdoor furniture is indispensable for your outdoor area. Invite your guests to soak up the sun and recharge their batteries, and impress them with a customised outdoor area.

Terrace furniture for sun worshippers – the first glance counts!

Terraces designed with attention to detail are the be-all and end-all for a high number of guests and comfort in the outdoor area of the hotel breakfast room. After all, the first impression determines the decision made by the guests. Clumsily produced furniture, wobbly tables and an uncomfortable atmosphere are arguments against visiting a restaurant. Especially in the pedestrian zone, it is important to attract attention with extraordinary seating. With GO IN, you have the option of putting your terrace furniture together yourself and thus designing a unique concept for your outdoor area. Choose between a large number of materials, whether it is a glass table top and stainless steel table legs or a marble table top and a cast iron base. Design for yourself which models best fit your style and the interior design of your restaurant, café or hotel. All the outdoor furniture is weather-resistant and can be left outside in the rain, cold and heat without any problems.

Beer garden furniture – the beer has been tapped!

In the summer, a beer garden attracts guests with its very special atmosphere. A cool beer and warm rays of sunshine are the perfect combination for a pleasant stay. The beer garden furniture should also meet the guests' requirements and show a certain level of robustness. You can equip typical beer garden chairs with a water-repellent seat cushion of your choice, thus ensuring even more comfort.

The Flat technology guarantees that you enjoy your beer whilst ensuring that the beer glasses stand firm and do not hop about due to a wobbly table. Every table leg can be adjusted separately to the respective surface and thus balances out any unevennesses in the ground without any problems. As a result of this, the table is stable and the troublesome wobbling is a thing of the past. The innovative levelling and stabilisation technology serves as a reliable solution for putting several tables next to one another at the same height.

Lounge furniture for outdoors provides relaxed moments

Lounge areas are not only a popular seating option in bars and clubs. Lounge furniture for outdoors provides a cosy and relaxed ambience and gives the feeling of sitting in a living room – only outdoors! Choose the material for your outdoor sofas and arm chairs from popular wickerwork and woven materials or whitewashed wood. Depending on the outdoor area, you can allow your creativity free rein with regard to the composition of the lounge furniture.


The fabric for the seat cushions is water-repellent and can, therefore, survive a rain shower without any problems. To match the set of chairs, you can put together lounge tables according to your requirements. To perfectly round off the look and, at the same time, provide protection from too many rays of sunshine, stylish sunshades are simply indispensable. You can also adapt these to the colour of the seat cushions, thus creating a harmonious overall image. Design your outdoor area with outdoor furniture from GO IN which you have put together yourself. Let summer begin!