GO IN tested product quality
Before a piece of furniture is included in our product range, it must be put to the test and undergo up to 150,000 cycles. Only after successfully passing the stress test (in accordance with DIN EN 16139 for chairs and DIN EN 15372 for tables) does it receive our seal of GO IN tested quality. Please ask us for a written test certificate.
German family business
For more than 50 years, the heart of this family-run traditional company has been beating for furniture systems in the catering and hotel industry.
Furniture to look at, touch and try out. Visit our showrooms and be inspired on site. The GO IN experts are looking forward to meeting you! Further information and booking options can be found at the bottom of our website under "Showrooms".
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Fire protection

Fire-resistant furnishings

Most GO IN indoor furniture fabrics, imitation leather and leather meet the fire protection standard DIN EN 1021, part 1+2 or similar standards (e.g. BS 5852 IS 0;1). Many upholstery materials also qualify for fire protection class B1 - hardly inflammable (DIN 4102, part 1) or BS5852-Crib 5. Thus, the risk of fire for furniture is greatly minimised. Should there be any special requirements for fire protection, we are happy to advise you on possible solution alternatives. Depending on the product, the fire protection can be increased by equipping products with fire-resistant upholstery materials.


GO IN tested quality

Thousand times tested. We like it safe.

GO IN furniture has to withstand up to 150,000 cycles of our testing before they are added to our portfolio. It is important that the furniture keeps its promise. The extensive tests are based on the valid standards for professional furniture (DIN EN 16139 for chairs and DIN EN 15372 for tables). Once a model has passed the procedure, it receives a seal for GO IN tested quality. An written test certificate can be requested from our sales department.

Here you can find more about our tests
GO IN tested quality

Assembly service

Save time setting up your furniture.

Pre-assembly is available for chair and table frames, upholstered chairs and bar stools. Please ask our sales team for the options concerning the items you are interested in! We are happy to give you an individual quotation and will provide you with information about delivery times. We can assemble your furniture for you – from bench systems to bar stools, restaurant chairs and tables, right down to your outdoor furniture. The complete assembly service includes everything: from carrying and unpacking the items to assembling the delivered furniture on your premises, to disposing of the packaging materials.



Don’t just look; feel.

When it comes to our samples, it is all about feeling not just looking. After all, there is a limit to how much you can imagine. Is the fabric too rustic-looking for the ambience? Does the wood I have selected for the chair match with the floor? With a sample in your hand, you can get a better idea of the fabric ´s look, feel the colours that you have chosen for your items. Or you can request a sample of the desired piece of furniture to be sure that everything is as you planned.


Fast delivery

We stack them high for you.

Literally. Our modern high-bay warehouse features over 15,000 pallet spaces, so that we can have 800,000 items permanently on stock to provide you with short delivery times. Stock items are ready for dispatch within 24 hours after payment receipt and begin their journey to their destination. Customised furniture is also delivered within the shortest possible time.

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